And this time, IT’S KPOP MERCH! CHYEAH!!!
This is a "Thank you for following me and staying with me" gift to all my followers (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

1. B.A.P 4TH SINGLE ALBUM - B.A.P UNPLUGGED 2014 [Random Photocard]
2. B.A.P 1ST FULL ALBUM - FIRST SENSIBILITY [Daehyun signed, Youngjae photocard. Pictures here & here
3. INFINITE 2ND ALBUM - SEASON 2 [Random Photocard]
5. Posters of Big Bang, Vixx, Infinite and two pairs of socks of random B.A.P members. [Optional]

- This is for my followers so I won’t be including anyone who follows me after I publish this post, even if they won’t follow me for the giveaway specifically, I’m sorry guys :(
- Likes count
- Reblog only once please. The notes for my previous giveaway got screwed up because of many reblogs by same users so I don’t want to risk it. So PLEAASSEEE only one reblog!
- No giveaway blogs!
- I will ship internationally.
- Winners will be chosen randomly. And after I send them the message, I’ll wait for 2 days for their reply. If they don’t reply, I’ll choose another winner.
- Ends on August 4!

Some details about the prizes
- About the Big Bang Alive Making; The reason I’m not giving away the DVDs too is because for some reason, I can’t find them! :( However If you guys want to download it, i had put it on my blog, here^^ The merch was released long ago. But it’s like brand new because after I bought it, I checked the pictures a few times and put it somewhere in my room. They’ve been there since then :D Pictures here & here

- About the posters; Honestly, I’ve put the posters in the giveaway because I want to give them to someone who will actually be glad to have them. I only hang BAP posters on my wall and I don’t need other posters. But the thing is, the posters are a little damaged. Except for Infinite poster which is on its way to me at the moment. But it’s a folded poster, jfyi.
The Big Bang poster: Doesnt have cuts but you can see the marks on the folded places.
Vixx poster:
This is the poster. Is has cuts here, here and here. And there is also some green stain on Ken’s face, idk how that happened T^T
So I’ll ask the 5th winner if they want these posters. If they do, I’ll send them, if not, they’ll stay with me.

1st winner will get one from any of the prizes. 2nd one will choose from the left ones and so on…

Sorry for this long post, if you have any questions, feel free to ask ;]



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i need to stop..

My close guy friends have been telling me that it’s unattractive when a girl cusses. I agree it is very unattractive…and it makes the girl look like she doesn’t know any mature words to describe the situation but I’m so used to it now, it just come out of impulse. I really need to stop :(  I promise. It’s a bad habit



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you’re welcome:)